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E-Commerce Websites Can Help Increase Your Sales

The E-Commerce website is the approach that you should consider if you sell an actual product.  This assumes that you have already established a merchant account and are taking credit cards as payment for your product.

The E-Commerce Web site has all of the elements of the information web site, but also includes a catalog of your products. This catalog includes:

    • A picture of your product or products. 
    • The general description of your product or products.
    • The cost for your product or products.

The E-Commerce Web site also includes a shopping cart system that allows visitors to place products in their shopping cart. The system will also allow the customer to view the items in his shopping cart, increase quantities, delete items and continue shopping. When the customer is ready, the shopping cart system will allow him to check out and pay for his products using a credit card.

I don't want to unduly complicate the procedure, but there are few important aspects of this that you need to consider. You're going to have to incur some front end setup charges in order to establish an easy to use shopping cart system and a secure gateway to an established credit card processor.

The shopping cart system that I use is developed and supported by a company called "Just Add Commerce". They have a yearly licensing fee for the use of their system that is priced at $400.00. In addition, there is an additional start up charge of around $50.00 from a credit card processor. As with your bank, the credit card processor will also charge you a small fee for each credit card transaction. Typically, this fee is passed on to the customer in the form of an increase in the product price.

Recently, Banks have begun to pass along data security costs for PCI DSS compliance. This cost varies depending on the compliance company used, however, you can use $135.00 as a budgetary number.

If you are interested in setting up an E-Commerce website, I will be glad to meet with you to discuss the costs and help you evaluate whether your projected credit card sales make the E-Commerce approach a cost effective option.

My one time setup charge for this website is between $300.00 and $500.00 depending upon the extent of the setup needed. In addition, there is a monthly maintenance fee of $150.00. This monthly maintenance fee covers all changes and additions to your website.

As you can see, an E-Commerce website requires not only logistical planning but also the development of a good business plan focused upon Internet online sales. I have the business experience to ask the right questions as together, we evaluate the advisability and potential profitability of your E-Commerce website.