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Information Websites - An Electronic Business Card

If you are a small business that provides a service and NOT a product, the Information Website is what you should be considering.

Like your business card, the information website is designed to capture the attention of the viewer. Unlike a business card, the information website provides you the opportunity to impart to the website visitor a more in depth perspective of your service.

Your information website provides you the ability to "Tell Your Story" to prospective clients who may benefit from the service that you offer. It lets you organize your service features in a way that allows the website visitor to answer for himself those mundane questions that typically take time away from the personal sales scenario by answering:

  • Who We Are - A brief narrative of who started your business and the principles under which your business operates.

  • Where We Are - Provides the location of your business...directions to your location...and a phone number or Email to contact you for a sales appointment.

  • What We Do - Gives the prospective client a very focused perspective of the service that you offer and how that service will meet the needs of that client.

An Information website usually has 4 to 7 pages that are organized and cross linked to help guide the website visitor to Important sales information.

Typically, an information web site can be set up for a one time cost of $175.00. This includes all of the items listed under services. Your responsibility, will be to provide text information and any unique product information that you feel would be appropriate for your website. Many small businesses already have brochures that detail most of the information that typically populates a web site.

Once your website is established, a monthly maintenance fee of $10.00 is charged to cover the cost of any updates or changes that you may have to the website. The bottom line, is that for the first year your website costs are only $310.00. (This includes the  $175.00 setup charge, the $120.00 yearly maintenance fee and the $15.00 registration fee for your website URL .) The cost for subsequent years, is only $135.00. (This includes the monthly maintenance fee and the URL renewal.)

You'll have to be the judge as to whether or not this type of arrangement is cost effective for you.  After all, you know your business best.